john madera

John Madera

Founder and Chairman of DevilStar

DevilStar Brand

In 2011 John left his career behind and decided to develop the most unique brand and company in the world.

The framework for DevilStar began. For almost 3 years it was repeatedly torn down, re-built and streamlined as John learned, living in the trenches…



In 2013, John had connected with Paul Crook in preparation for the day when he was ready to present the initial blueprint.


In 2014, John and Paul met for the first time at a coffee shop inside Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas.


After just a few hours the partnership was formed and more importantly, a friendship was forged.


The tasks were laid out with John developing products, handling contract negotiation and Paul running all Music, Production and Media.


In the Spring of 2015, DevilStar began picking up serious momentum. Realizing it needed more strength, Paul reached out to his good friend, Media Guru Eddie Trunk.


By June 2015, Eddie officially signed-on as a partner, making DevilStar Entertainment Group LLC an unstoppable force in the entertainment business.

DevilStar Contracts
John successfully wrapped up two worldwide deals in July 2015.

The first was global licensing for approximately fifty DevilStar products including the nation’s first Hemp Infused Vodka, Cinnamon Whiskey, DevilMilk, Beer, Beef Jerky, Mixers, Energy Drink, Cigarettes, E-Cigs, Flavored Papers, Bloody Mary Mix, Hot Sauce and more…

In this agreement DevilStar became a sub-brand of Penthouse, utilizing their distribution infrastructure worldwide!

The second contract was for the DevilStar Gaming Division… It partnered DevilStar with Vegas Game Point, a gaming development company offering the most compelling tables in the casino industry.

This venture has produced the world’s first Guitar Shaped Blackjack Table (originally designed by Paul). Also, development of a new Craps Table and an online gaming studio in the Placencia Resort, Belize… A world-class facility located on the southern coastline with 3000 feet of Caribbean beach and miles of lagoon shores.

This joint venture has produced the first and only online, LIVE studio gaming platform offering STAR-STUDDED POWER and VEGAS-STYLE GAMING with one-of-a-kind bonus prizes to players throughout the entire world.

The Placencia Resort also offers an amphitheatre for visiting Rock stars to perform on as well as a yacht for afterparties.

Interviews with Eddie for his various media platforms are also available!

Tagline and Logo

“Let Your Darkside Shine” and the original text logo came to John in a dream… He woke up, wrote it down and began drawing atrocious artwork.

Enter Brian Gibbs… The greatest graphic artist on the planet.

Through Brian, John’s original design morphed into what you see now!

Also, all of the navigation artwork (banners) used on this site have been designed by Brian and Paul.

The name DevilStar came about using word-play of John’s all-time favorite band Judas Priest.

In his mind, the DevilStar music model had to have the versatility, professionalism and class of Judas Priest.

Judas + Priest = Devil.

But that wasn’t enough… John also wanted DevilStar to incorporate the marketing savvy of KISS.

Paul Stanley (The Star Child) is his favorite member of the band.

DevilStar was born.

Tagline and Logo:

“Let Your Darkside Shine” and the original logo came to John in a dream… he woke up, wrote it down and tried to draw the art which was atrociously bad. Thankfully DevilStar has one of the best artists on the planet, Brian Gibbs, so the designs morphed into perfection.


John has no formal background in music but as you can see he suffers from a severe passion for Heavy Metal. It’s nuts actually… He can most definitely stump Eddie.

John has written close to 300 poems/song lyrics in the hopes that Paul will agree to use 1 for a DevilStar track.

with Mikkey Dee and King Diamond
..with Mikkey Dee and King Diamond
..with Rob Halford
with Rob Halford
..with Rob Halford

Click on the graphic below to see John’s Lyric book!

madera lyric book

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